The water is municipal.  There is a central 75-gallon gas hot water heater.  Instant hot water is provided by a hot water circulation system.  The circulator turns on and off by a hydrostat and is also controlled by the automation system so that it deactivates, and energy is not wasted when away or sleeping.

There is a whole-house water filter and water softener hookup.

​Electronic water leak detectors are located at key locations throughout the house (such as the laundry room, below the hot water heater and in the crawl space).   These, upon sensing water, immediately shut off the main water supply to the house to avert flooding disasters common to a plumbing or water heater defect.  This same water valve is under the control of the automation system and it can be operated  remotely or as a timed event.

Crawl Space

The crawl space walls are insulated.  It is lighted, conditioned and encapsulated (sealed with a thick swimming pool-like liner).  Smart Vents are insulated and sealed but open automatically in the unlikely event of flooding.  There is a locked exterior door and a hidden interior trap door for access.


The house has 6-inch exterior framing, insulated with a sandwich of spray foam and cellulous insulation. 


Access to the attic is thru pull-down stairs in the upper hallway.  The attic is lighted and since the insulation is in the ceiling, semi-conditioned.  There is a large amount of storage space available.

Extensive photo documentation showing construction and inside of walls

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Storm Resistance

The home design and construction was modeled after Miami-Dade and FEMA design standards for hurricane resistance.  This includes a long list of construction details.  In addition the home was elevated with a double height foundation back filled and graded to hide the elevation.  There is a set of high-strength hurricane window shutters that can be installed if ever needed.  To see all the details click here.



The house is served by a 400 amp power panel with a whole-house surge protector.  Power backup is provided by a 12KW Kohler stationary natural gas generator.  Nearly all of the house and all of the critical utilities of the home can be powered by the generator.  Since it is using municipal gas, there is no danger of running out of fuel in the event of an emergency.  In a power outage the generator starts and the power transfers automatically  It is automatically exercised and tested weekly.  The Home automation system warns of any power outages and phones the traveling homeowner to alert them.

2014 Heating and Air Conditioning Expense  

812 Ship Point Road 

​Yorktown Waterfront

Home Automation, Security and Lighting

This home has a commercial home automation system and sophisticated security system.  The home automation operates in the background to enhance comfort, security and convenience.  The home's functions can be controlled and monitored remotely using a tablet, smart phone or plain telephone from anywhere in the world or inside the house using built-in keypads, telephone, PC or tablet.  The various capabilities can be customized to your lifestyle or be deactivated as you wish.  Much of the lighting is architectural low-voltage and remote controlled. Multiple lights are controlled with a single button to create lighting scenes that are easily programmed. To learn more details click here.

The house is heated and air conditioned Geo-thermally.   The system is by Waterfurnace.  It utilizes a two-stage, variable speed heat pump and Intellizone 4-zone intelligent controller with four automatic remote communicating thermostats.  These are set automatically by the home automation system or set manually at home or remotely.  Heat is extracted or discarded in multiple deep vertical wells buried in the back yard..  Typical monthly electric expenses for heating and cooling average $69 per month or less.  This is a fraction of  the heating and cooling costs for similarly sized homes with standard HVAC systems.  There is back-up emergency electric heating. Two micro filters (in addition to numerous intake furnace filters) provide air cleaning.  There is a whole-house, automatic self-cleaning steam humidifier system.

An extra level of heating redundancy is provided by the gas fireplace which has a second flue capable of feeding heat into the recirculating fan of the heating system.  In an extreme emergency this can keep the entire house warm.